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Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Pineapple-Mango Slaw

Let me start by saying this: not everything goes according to plan.

I had visions of a smoked pulled pork for the Fourth of July. I could see it. I could taste it. The problem? Well, two problems...(1) I don't own a smoker, just a gas grill. (2) I've never smoked anything before. Ever.

Neither of those problems were problem enough for me to quit. I had a vision and determination and I was GONNA do it. Besides, the internet is your friend when you're faced with situations such as these.

After a quick search on Google and I came across this incredibly helpful, step-by-step guide on how to turn your gas grill into a smoker and how to manage it throughout the day. Hooray! Problem solved! Or so I thought...

Here's the thing: the key to making good smoked food is keeping the temperature and the amount smoke consistent. I accomplished neither. I couldn't keep temp. Like at all. AND while my wood chips produced smoke it was entirely inconsistent AND they legit caught on fire at one point. It was a disaster. After six hours of trying to smoke pork shoulder on a gas grill, I had to finish it in the oven.

However, even with the hiccups and fire and total lack of ended up being juicy, sweet, smokey, fall-apart, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pulled pork. Absolutely delicious, guys. Total happy accident.

We made BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Pineapple-Mango Slaw for the holiday but will be having all kinds of pulled-pork meals in the days to come - can anyone say tacos?! Hell yeah!



Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches

with Pineapple-Mango Slaw

Prep Time: 1 Hour

Cook Time: 8 Hours

Total Time: 9 Hours

Servings: approx. 12


Pork Shoulder w/ Dry Rub

(1) 5lb Pork Shoulder

Yellow Mustard

Apple Juice

Apple Wood Smoking Wood Chips

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar

2 Tbsp Coarse Sea Salt

2 tsp Garlic Powder

2 tsp Onion Powder

1.5 tsp Smoked Paprika

1.5 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 tsp Ancho Chili Powder

1/4 tsp Chili de Arbol Powder

1/4 tsp Chile Pasilla Powder

1/4 tsp Chile Nuevo Powder

1/4 tsp Cayenne Powder

Pineapple-Mango Slaw

12oz Pineapple, chopped small

1 mango, chopped small

1/2 Red Cabbage, diced into thin strips

1/2 Jalapeno, seeded and diced small

1/2 Lime, juiced

Salt + Pepper


BBQ Sauce - I used Martin's BBQ Joint's Sweet Dixie Bar-B-Que Sauce

Hawaiian Burger Buns


  1. The night before you plan to smoke, prep your wood chips by soaking them in water, and prepare your pork shoulder.

  2. To prepare your pork shoulder, combine brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders, smoked paprika all chile powders in a small bowl. Thoroughly combine making sure to break up the brown sugar.

  3. Pat the pork dry with paper towels and rub yellow mustard all around so that the meat is covered in a light layer of mustard on all sides.

  4. Apply the dry rub to the pork, making sure the meat is covered with it on all sides.

  5. Tightly wrap in plastic and store in container in the fridge.

  6. The next morning, take the meat out of the fridge and let stand at room temp for at least 2 hours, or until the pork as come to room temperature.

  7. For instructions on how to smoke the pork using your gas grill, please check THIS out! With a 5lb pork should should take approx. eight hours to cook through. Hopefully you'll have better luck than me! :)

  8. Every hour, spray the pork shoulder with apple juice.

  9. While your pork is smoking, prepare the Pineapple-Mango Slaw. Cut and dice all ingredients and toss together with lime juice in a bowl. Store in fridge until ready to use.

  10. After the pork has reached an internal temperature of 195 degrees, pull the pork from the grill and let rest for at least 30 minutes lightly covered in aluminum foil.

  11. Pull your pork using two forks.

  12. Top burger buns with meat, add a few drizzles of your desired BBQ sauce and then add slaw. Enjoy!

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